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Dr Charise Deveney & Jade Forster present...
The Resilience Series:
When Sh!t Happens - How to manage it...

S**T Happens & How to Manage It

S**T Happens & How to Manage It

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Life is full of challenges... Join Dr Charise and Jade for this recorded six-part series that guides you through some helpful tips, coping strategies and tools to manage life's tough times. In this series we look at:

  • What happens in our bodies and brains when we experience stress or adversity

  • The role of emotions and making sense of them during challenging times.

  • Helpful and unhelpful coping strategies / thought patterns

  • A model for mapping your way through life's challenges

  • A self-compassion tool that you can use anywhere / anytime! 


Do the sessions in the comfort of your own home, access them at any time and work through the activities at your own pace. By the end of the series, you'll have some really practical tools that will help you build mental strength and resilience. 

Dr Charise Deveney and Jade Forster

  • Resilience Series

    Learn how to bounce back from adversity with Charise & Jade
    Valid for 3 months
    • Six recorded sessions with Dr Charise & Jade
    • Downloadable PDF handouts & exercises
    • Practical strategies & tools to manage life's challenges