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Baby Massage

A beautiful workshop for parents and babies to build connection.

Service Description

‘Together with Baby’ is a baby massage program that enables parents to get to know their baby and begin to grow into the role as a parent. The program will provide you with a modern-day parenting village and a sense of being connected with others. The program incorporates the use of nurturing touch (i.e. massage), mindful awareness, and education about the ways in which babies use body language, sounds, and other signals to communicate their needs. You will be taught how to use touch, voice, and movement to communicate, and deepen your bond with your baby. ‘Together With Baby’ aims to: * optimise your, and your baby's, emotional and psychological wellbeing during the first 12-months of life, * promote healthy relationships between you and your baby, * support your baby's emotional, social, and early brain development by using healthy touch and skin to skin contact, * increase confidence in understanding what your baby is communicating, * increase your ability to pause, reflect and connect with your baby, and * improve caregiving skills to settle and soothe your baby. Each session will include a mindfulness exercise, learning a sequence of massage techniques which support bonding and connection, and a discussion about a topic relating to babies and parenthood.

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