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Services for pregnancy,

postpartum and parent mental health

"I had a vision to create something special... a village for parents and parents-to-be.  Nurturing the sacred time that is the perinatal period; from the time of conception, through pregnancy and into parenthood."

                                                                                                           Dr Charise Deveney

Be supported by one of our perinatal clinicians assured in the knowledge that, in addition to their training in psychology, we are highly trained in both perinatal and infant mental health.  

Working from a framework that holds in mind the wellbeing of the parent, alongside the wellbeing of the infant, means we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  

Young Couple Expecting

Pregnancy Services

- conception journey / difficulties

- early pregnancy

- pregnancy loss / stillbirth / neonatal loss

- adjustment to pregnancy

- wellbeing during pregnancy

- depression & anxiety during pregnancy

- preparing for birth and parenthood


Postpartum Services

- preparing for parenthood

- bringing baby home

- birth trauma

- postnatal depression & anxiety

- baby massage

- motherhood support groups

- stillbirth / late pregnancy & neonatal loss

Parents and Daughter

Parenthood Services

- tuning into baby's needs

- navigating relationship changes

- wellbeing during parenting

- setting boundaries with toddlers and        beyond

- parenting workshops

- changes to family dynamics


Welcome to our village

Dr Charise Deveney

I am so glad that you have found us at the Perinatal & Wellbeing Village - welcome to our village.

My vision was to create a space that offers tranquility, safety, warmth and comfort for individuals as they navigate the conception, pregnancy, post birth and parenthood journey.

As a Clinical Psychologist and mother of three noisy and adventurous children I understand the landscape that is conception, pregnancy, postpartum & parenthood.  

Pregnancy and parenthood are often filled with much joyful anticipation and excitement.  However, this is not always the case and difficulties conceiving, pregnancy loss, or the loss of a baby are often life shattering events.  As a member of the steering committee for Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence and co-developer of Bearing the Unbearable training program for professionals I lead a team of clinicians with extensive training in supporting individuals and couples when the journey through conception and pregnancy takes us down a path not anticipated.

Having trained for many years in perinatal and infant mental health I have been inspired by many inspirational leaders in the field and am lucky to work alongside many talented obstetricians and perinatal professionals.


The perinatal period asks a lot from the female body and this is why I passionately hold a 'whole of health' framework in the work that we do at the Perinatal & Wellbeing Village.  My hope is to provide opportunities for individuals to nourish themselves from the inside out to support overall health & wellbeing during this period.


It gives me great pleasure helping others to ignite the sparkle and glow that exists inside all of us.  

Over many years I gestated in my mind how I could create a village for individuals to be supported in which to do the important psychological work required during the perinatal period.  Many ideas marinated over time. Excitingly, my labour of love came to fruition in the Perinatal & Wellbeing Village; a flagship clinic of perinatal services on the Upper North Shore.


I am joined by a team of truly amazing clinicians who are all highly trained in both perinatal & infant mental health alongside their training in Psychology.  

I would like to personally welcome you to our village.

Yours in health, strength & wellness



An oasis of calm and tranquility awaits you at the Perinatal & Wellbeing Village as you navigate through your conception, pregnancy, post-birth and parenthood journey.